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Your Single-Source Provider for Turnkey
Maintenance and Inspection Solutions

MISTRAS (formerly NACHER Corporation, a MISTRAS Group member-company), serves as a multi-disciplined, one source provider of asset protection solutions. MISTRAS’ value-added approach brings together expertise in a wide range of solutions, including Inspection & Engineering, Corrosion & Insulation, Industrial, and Maintenance & Construction services. These services are backed by our extensive resource, knowledge, and support network.

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MISTRAS‘ Corrosion Services division provides corrosion removal, mitigation, prevention, and coating solutions to ensure each asset serviced meets full mechanical integrity (MI) and compliance by eliminating the damaging effects of corrosion. MISTRAS works to extend the useful life of material assets by utilizing ultra-high pressure (UHP) water and sand blasting equipment, and protective coating applications.

MISTRAS‘ Corrosion division remains the market leader for corrosion removal and treatment programs in the Gulf of Mexico, ensuring quality outcomes and compliance with best-practice industry standards and by API bulletin 91 “Best Management Practice.”

Mechanical Integrity (MI) Compliance via Corrosion Removal, Mitigation, Prevention and Coating Solutions


MISTRAS’ Insulation Services division specializes in the installation of thermal protection solutions for hot and cold, high performing assets. Using metal jacketing and blanket fastening techniques, MISTRAS’ insulation services provide improved safety for operating assets and on-site personnel. MISTRAS’ staff of specialists is highly trained to ensuring the safe, correct, and appropriate method of insulation that matches environmental conditions and maintenance requirements.

MISTRAS’ Insulation Services division aims to enhance the in-service availability of assets, while helping operator's access flanges and other operating components without compromising an asset's thermal or radiant temperature. MISTRAS’ insulation services also help reduce emissions, noise levels, and operating inefficiencies.

Industrial Insulation, Soundproofing, Heat Tracing Services
Traditional and Advanced NDT Solutions

Inspection and
Engineering Services

MISTRAS’ Inspection & Engineering division, in conjunction with its parent company, MISTRAS Group, Inc., provides traditional and advanced nondestructive testing (ANDT), Mechanical Integrity (MI) services, and process safety management (PSM) techniques that comply with regulatory codes and industry standards.

MISTRAS’ methodologies combine the skilled expertise of highly trained technicians and “fit for purpose” equipment to optimize an asset’s productivity, profitability, and useful life. By maintaining the safe and efficient function of an asset, MISTRAS helps its clients maximize in-service availability, reduce failures and minimize asset downtime.

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) and Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Services

Maintenance and
Construction Services

MISTRAS’ Maintenance & Construction division offers highly skilled flange torquing, welding, bolt tensioning, and vessel head makeup and removal services. Supported by fully compliant process safety management (PSM) techniques and industry compliance standards, MISTRAS ensures optimal function and efficiency of assets.

MISTRAS‘ Maintenance & Construction division provides services to optimize asset function during repairs and installation periods to reduce failures, secondary damage, and downtime.

Flange Torquing, Welding, Bolt Tensioning, and Vessel Head Makeup and Removal Services


MISTRAS’ Industrial Services division provides the removal of elemental and chemical build-up for tank and vessel assets in the drilling and exploration sector of the oil and gas industry, improving an asset’s function and efficiency.

MISTRAS’ Industrial Services division neutralizes affected areas of accumulated mud, rust, scale, chemical, and old coatings before vacuum removal services are applied. MISTRAS’ Industrial Services are also suited to handle Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) conditions, performed by MISTRAS’ own Radiation Safety Officers (RSO).

Chemical Buildup Removal, even in Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) conditions
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NACHER UHP Water Blasting

UHP Water Blasting

NACHER UHP Water Blasting
NACHER UHP Water Blasting


MISTRAS’ Ultra High Pressure (UHP) True Grit™ Water Blasting with Garnet is a safe, practical and cost efficient means of surface preparation of GoM facilities. With minimal equipment setup, no need for containment, and no hazardous airborne materials, UHP cleans the surface from the bottom of the pits up, to expose and open up existing surface profiles.

True Grit Handheld


While traditional UHP can expose surface profiles where they already exist, it cannot produce a new profile on rust blooms, where active metal degradation has corroded the surface. The MISTRAS Corporation has the only fully engineered nozzle, the MISTRAS True Grit™, which introduces minimal amounts of garnet into the UHP stream, blasting at 360° degrees, to produce a 4mil anchor profile on new steel. With the True Grit™ nozzle, MISTRAS can create a synergistic effect in using abrasives and water to achieve advantages of both processes.


MISTRAS’ Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Robotic Blast and Recovery (Hydrocat™) system is a safe, practical and cost efficient means of blasting decks and heliports. Through its vacuum recovery system, all spent water and paint chips are recovered during the blasting process, freeing the air from contaminants, and leaving the substrate ready for the immediate application of protective coatings.

Hydrocat robotic


In combination with a safety winch system, the HydroCat's powerful vacuum allows it to operate on vertical surfaces, and even upside-down, enabling blasting in locations difficult or impossible for technicians to access with handheld equipment.

With recorded production rates as high as 500 ft2 per hour, the Hydrocat™ is the fastest way to remove coatings in marine and industrial applications. Beyond raw speed, its clean operation even allows painters and other workers to operate side-by-side with the unit while it is in use, further enhancing project efficiency.

NACHER Safety Performance


Safety is a MISTRAS cornerstone, supporting our ability to provide quality and incident free work. MISTRAS’ safety protocols adhere to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), American Petroleum Institute (API), and incorporate proactive safety standards. MISTRAS is committed to ensure the health and safety of its personnel and the preservation of the environment, supported by a historically low recordable incident rate.

Total Recordable Incident Rate

NACHER Safety Excellence
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NACHER Flange Cuff™

Flange Cuff

NACHER Flange Cuff™


MISTRAS’ Flange Cuff™ technology provides a simple, safe, and effective solution to install and replace 4-bolt pattern flanges on upstream oil and gas piping assets. The Flange Cuff™ offers the ability to sustain pressure, divert stress, and eliminate hazards during the replacement, installation, and maintenance of flange equipment.

The Flange Cuff™ also allows MISTRAS technicians to torque, tension, and maintenance flange equipment in full compliance with industry and regulatory agencies. By stabilizing bolted sections of in-service piping, the Flange Cuff™ safely accommodates "hot bolt" tensioning methods, minimizing potential risk to human and piping assets, while promoting a prompt return of flange equipment.


The Flange Cuff™ comes in 2 frame sizes with inter-changeable teeth to accommodate 1”, 1½”, 2” and 3” flange diameters and fits all 150# raised faced flanges. The small compact, robust and chain-like design allows for easy access to flanged connection in tight areas. The Flange Cuff™ was designed to meet the minimum allowable stress values in accordance with ASME B31.3 and ASME Sec. VII, Div. 1.

Flange Cuff with Accessories

Case History

The Flange Cuff™ was utilized to assist a client with findings from a Regulatory Inspection. The client was faced with changing out numerous bolts throughout the facility. The project was estimated to last approximately 8 months and required numerous man-hours planning unit shut-ins and execution.

The Flange Cuff successfully reduced man-hours, project planning costs, and minimized risks during equipment start-up. The project was completed within 6 months and the facility was able to maintain production.

Flange Cuff


The Flange Cuff™ is designed as an inclusive unit with a single torque point swing bolt. The single torque point eliminates the need for multiple components such as hydraulic clamps and modular clamps.

The torque value is determined by the size of the flange and is applied at the single torque point. The torque value meets the required gasket seating force. This unit can be used while working at heights to reduce potential dropped objects.

Flange Cuff

Hot Bolting

Once the Flange Cuff™ has been installed at the recommended torque values, then recommended Hot Bolting Procedure may be followed. Only one stud at a time may be removed then replaced with new. Once the new stud is installed, it is recommended to hand tighten and torque the stud to 5 foot-pounds of torque. Each stud is replaced and torqued in a cross pattern sequence according to Best Practices flange maintenance techniques.

Inspection and Quality

Before determining whether a Flange Cuff™ can be used, the flange connection must meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the Flange Cuff™ Procedure. Flanges discovered to hold integrity concerns cannot support "Hot Bolt" techniques using the Flange Cuff™. After completed Flange Cuff™ service, a quality report must be submitted to archive in the historical data.

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NACHER Training & Competency

Training & Competency

MISTRAS provides industry-leading Training & Competency resources to enhance industry practices and ensure the success of our greatest asset, our personnel.

We operate a state-of-the-art training facility, designed for rope access, on-site simulations, equipment training, and safety and rescue procedures.

Rope Access Training Safety and Rescue Training and Competency On-site Simulations Rescue Training Facility At Height Inspection
Rope Access Training Safety and Rescue Training and Competency On-site Simulations Rescue Training Facility At Height Inspection
NACHER Publications


MISTRAS offers health insurance, supplemental insurance, and 401k retirement plans. If you are interested in any employment opportunities, please click the button below. Contact Us



MISTRAS strives to achieve quality outcomes by exceeding the expectations of our customers and setting new industry standards in every facet of our business. By maintaining a collaborative relationship with customers, MISTRAS outlines specific project requirements to ensure each of their asset protection needs are met with the highest quality standards.


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